Release Your Inner Creativity

By Ursula Meta Rosarini - 9:52 am

-01 November 2017-

Journal - Life, Style, Beauty by Make Over

Being creatives like one of God’s gift but hey, there are some simply ways to increase your creativity so you could add up fun and excitement to your life!

1.   Read Books
Read book as much as you can, at least 1-2 book a week. Reading is a good for your brain, it increases your imagination and widens your perspectives towards the world.

2.   Watch Movies
There are a lot lessons and interesting stories that can inspire us. What’s your favorite movie?

3.  Travel
Travel while you’re young, when you still have lots of time and energy. Through traveling we learn about different cultures, languages and meet different people. It expands your knowledge.

4.  Go To Museums, Not Malls.
History speaks louder than it seems. If you are able to understand the past, it’s easy for you to create the future.

5.   Take Workshops and Classes
Take workshops and classes especially when you’re on holiday. There are lots of classes nowday, such as acting classes, painting, cooking, make up classes or English lessons. You could also meet new friends!

6.  Try New Things
It’s time to move on from your routine and add new color to your life. Try new food, different streets or go the park!

7.   Always Bring A Notebook or A Sketchbook
Bring a notebook or a sketchbook whenever you go. Good idea often comes unexpectedly. Write down all that comes to you and think about it thoroughly the next day.

And if you need ideas, try PINTEREST!

Thanks for reading and see you soon on my next post.

Article Source : Journal - Life, Style, Beauty by Make Over

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