Markus Feehily

By Ursula Meta Rosarini - 3:34 pm

24 February 2016

Hy guys ESP Westlifers wherever you are, here's my edit pictures of Markus Feehily, aka Mark Westlife, sorry I'm not good of photo editing. Just enjoy it.

1. Mark looks like Taylor Swift, Mark's pict edit by @WLPhilippines19 and I only added Taylor's picts. I have tweeted these picts and Mark posted them and he said "the madder the better" haha how lucky I am LOL

 2. Marks is sleeping beauty, pls don't distrub him

3. He is our UPTOWN BOY on Uptown Girl's Video

4. How BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE he is, so cute

Disclaimer : source picture from Google and Youtube, collage edited by me.

Thank you for stopping by.


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  1. Sayangnya yg di idolakan gay ternyata..

  2. Sayangnya yg di idolakan gay ternyata..

  3. Hehhe, gay atau normal buat aku ga masalah sis, aku mengidolakan dia sebagai penyanyi, aku suka talentanya, seninya, aku ga peduli sama kehidupan pribadinya selama itu ga mempengaruhi profesionalnya sebagai penyanyi hahah